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About Us

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Hosted by The Jungle Body Tribe, Baddie Club Perth is the naughty sister. We run B🍑🍑TY events with a twist, it's your time to feel sexy, dress like a baddie and shake that butt like nobody is watching.


You will twerk, sweat, grind and pump, but don't worry, we make it easy, this is NOT a twerk-shop. These events are about letting go, feeling good about yourself and meeting new people!


We use X rated music & have a LIVE DJ spinning beats all night, we show you SIMPLE moves to 12-15 spicey tracks. We always end the night with a twerk-circle so you can show off your moves. This is NOT forced, so don't worry if your'e still feeling shy.

Events Coming Up!

We are in planning stages for our next event. We run about 4 events a year, so keep an eye our for our next one. Until then however - our Jungle Body classes run every Wednesday 6:10pm @ Leederville Town Hall - book now or simply pay at the door. This is a watered down version of what you can expect at our Baddie Club events!



"OMG I didn't know my body could move like that, but I let go of all my insecurities and found I am actually pretty good!!"

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